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So today I am writing my first blog! I am very excited today. Today I got a call to come see an STi nearby, that it was a deal I couldn’t pass up… So I drive out to see this beautiful 2016 STi… She has 305 H.P., All Wheel Drive, a beautiful 6 speed manual, and leather/alcantara seats. All my cars are pretty much white…so this would make my white/black ratio 50/50. Anyways, my older 1999 STi has near 600 H.P. and that is my dedicated track car. In the summer I enjoy to spend my Sunday’s at my local autocross events. Autocross is an amazingly fun hobby that is relatively in-expensive.

We wake up at 6 am… and the frost is still on the cars… in the early season… If its raining I know I need to grab my rain tires, however on sunny days, I just grab my air tank (to adjust tire pressure in between races) and tools. Helmet in hand my excitement builds as I walk out the door nearly forgetting my coffee every time…

The STi has such a beautiful rumble when running, and in the morning when it is cold, it makes the exhaust pop a little extra bit sending vibrations throughout the car… πŸ˜‰ The drive is about an hour, but I love every second. Its just me, the road, my car, and 305-600 ponies eagerly waiting to be told to go…

When we arrive, we check in, and get situated in a class of cars, and finally to tech inspection to make sure the car and my gear meet the requirements…The race course is usually very short and can either be on an actual race track or in a very large vacant lot. Throughout the lap, there are cones set up. These cones create complicated obstacles you then need to learn how to pass through as quick as possible, then move on to the next set of cones and challenges. If you hit and knock over a cone, you are penalized with +1 second added to your overall time. Each cone counts. The car to complete the course in the quickest time, within its class, wins! You never race other cars at the same time, this is a test to learn your car and have the quickest time.

Anyways, I have 3 STi right now… This would be my 4th. As I was saying, I have a 1999 STi and I never really street drive it… In-fact that one is dead at the moment, getting an engine rebuild done. Then I have my first love… my 2005 STi. When this car came out while I was in highschool, I told myself I would eventually get it. about 8 years later I finally did. Now I have kept this one mainly un-touched… But I did need a little more power… my 2005 has maybe about 350-400 H.P. but has never been tested to find the exact number. This is mainly my around town vehicle up till 6 months ago when I paid it off and retired it to a cruiser…then in September ’17, I got my 2008 STi Hatch… I like it a lot, its my favorite compromise between a minivan and a sports car and it fits my family in a spirited manner.

So this STi craziness started happening when I bought my 2005, and met my man, who happened to be the one to sell it to me… Little did I know I was getting a little more than just a car. So now, today I got a call… my friends know I have been looking for another one, but newer…basically, another daily driver… and when I got the call today, I wasnt serious… but now it is sitting in my driveway… and I dont know what to do! I got back Saturday to make the final decision… either return the car… or BUY IT!!! However, while I have it, I figure I might as well have some fun with it… so I hope you enjoy!

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